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Math brain teaser: test your IQ with this tricky 1-matchstick challenge (20 seconds max)! Only 1 move allowed!

Put your math skills to the test with this 1-matchstick challenge! See if you can figure out the answer and show off your IQ! Ready to give it a try?

Are you looking for a fun way to test your mental acuity? Puzzles and brain teasers are an excellent way to challenge yourself and practice problem solving skills.

These types of activities have become increasingly popular on social media, and many people enjoy competing against each other to see who can solve the puzzles the quickest.

Today we have a special puzzle for you, which requires you to think quickly and creatively.

The starting equation is 9-1=6, but there is an error in it – can you solve this brain teaser in less than 20 seconds?

Challenge your mind with the puzzle

Are you ready to test your problem-solving skills? We invite you to take on this challenging brain teaser!

To complete the puzzle, you must look carefully and concentrate. Think outside the box to find the solution.

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To crack the challenge equation of the day, you are only allowed to move one matchstick. Prove your intelligence by successfully solving this puzzle!

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Solving a puzzle is like playing a game of chess – it requires both logic and creativity. We have to look closely at the puzzle, concentrate and think about how to put the pieces together.

Puzzles can range from very simple to very complex, but the satisfaction of completing one is always the same.

So, have you found which one matchstick to move in less than 20 seconds? Ready to check if you’ve managed to solve this riddle? Let’s find out on the next page!

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